Chinese Rage Comics

By Confused Laowai | Date: December 15th, 2011 | Category: Learning Techniques

If you spend as much time on the Internet as I do, you might have come across Rage Comics. It started on 4chan, became hugely popular on reddit and is now hitting mainstream via sites like 9gag. It features a homogenous group of “characters” and people create their own stories or “rages” using an online editor. Suffice to say it might just be the first continuous user-generated comic strip. The comics are usually humorous views and over-exaggerated […]

A Chiptune Song I wrote while travelling in Shanghai

By Confused Laowai | Date: December 14th, 2011 | Category: General

I don’t normally cross-post my creative projects, but this one is relevant to my China travels this year. While I’m not doing research, learning Chinese, browsing the web and a million other things, I compose music. Sometimes really strange music. Like 8-bit music or otherwise known as chiptunes. I use a Game Boy. You can see me using it in the about page. I started writing this song while chilling in the hostel at nights […]

Confused Laowai blog turns two years old

By Confused Laowai | Date: December 5th, 2011 | Category: General

I seemed to have missed the birthday post for last year. So without further ado, happy two years for me and this blog. 生日快乐 and all that jazz. Since the blog has started in December 2009, 88 posts have been published. Hooray. Not that much, but I prefer quality over quantity. :) This blog has become a turning point in my dedication to learning Chinese. It’s amazing to have a community that helps you figure […]

So what color is 青 really? Blue? Green? Help!

By Confused Laowai | Date: November 30th, 2011 | Category: Language
Such a beautiful display of 青 here hey?

Oh boy. Here we go again with Chinese confusing the hell out of me. Today’s culprit is 青. Yes, that one that appears in 青年 meaning youth. I almost want to make a knee-jerk old timer joke about how confusing the youth are these days, but I’d resist. So, why am I confused about 青, because it seems to represent so many different colors! From “nature’s color” to “blue” to “green” to “greenish black”… heck […]

Pinyin Sudoku

By Confused Laowai | Date: November 9th, 2011 | Category: Learning Techniques

I found this blog somehow through a blogroll grapevine, which very cleverly combines Chinese and Math Puzzles: Pinyin Sudoku. The author posts Sudoku puzzles made up of similar sounding characters. So not only do you get to learn the differences in homophones, but you also bust your brain doing Sudoku puzzles. Check out this out this LUN one for example: In this case it not only provides homophones, but you have to make sure you […]

Chinese Test Fail

By Confused Laowai | Date: November 3rd, 2011 | Category: Class

No, it’s not me. I finished those almost a year ago. This time it’s a poor fellow who will probably fail his Chinese test. Have a look below. At first I did a double take, ’cause I wasn’t exactly sure why he wrote 下面的话 and 对不对. But look at the question! Hilarious! Poor guy. However, I wouldn’t go so far as to completely fail him on that question. I mean, his assumption wasn’t that far […]

Big Update to Social Mandarin

By Confused Laowai | Date: October 31st, 2011 | Category: General

I’ve been thinking lately about where Social Mandarin should grow too. It’s current incarnation is good, but it needs more. After being featured on Penn-Olson, the author added that it would be cool to add more Chinese content with a difficulty tag. I postponed that advice for a while, but yesterday I just thought, why not? It’s a good idea. I took the whole Sunday to implement it, learning even more coding and discovering the […]

Introducing Chinese Basics

By Confused Laowai | Date: October 25th, 2011 | Category: Class

For the past three weeks I’ve been hard at work completing my final assignment for the academic year. After this, I start working on my research proposal for my Master’s Degree. The final assignment was to create a website on any educational topic. I decided to create Chinese Basics: a website that will teach you all the basics of the Chinese language. Think of it as a crash course into the world of Chinese. After […]

I have a drinking problem

By Confused Laowai | Date: October 23rd, 2011 | Category: Language

Heyoooo. Gotta love sensationalist headlines right!? Don’t worry this is not a hungover post or drunk blogging, but rather an interesting thing I noticed the other day. I was busy creating a website (which will be online tomorrow, so expect another blog post tomorrow or Tuesday) when I typed the character for drinking. You all know it. It is written as 喝. However, something strange happened. The character was different. Now let me show you […]

Oddities in Chinese: Hanyu Pinyin Syllables

By Confused Laowai | Date: October 5th, 2011 | Category: Language
Pinyin Syllables

I’ve been learning Chinese for almost four years now (a few more months to go). I still discover interesting things about Mandarin everyday. I remember back in 1st year of Chinese, we went through the Pinyin chart of syllables, getting the grips of Chinese pronunciation. Syllable after syllable we went: bo, po, mo, fo etc etc. Little did I know that now three years later I’m still finding some oddities in these syllable charts and […]