Omnipotent Youth Society - 万能年青旅店

I found this band a few months ago. They are from 河北 and make hauntingly beautiful Chinese folk rock. Not only do they incorporate the usual »

On Learning Chinese in 3 Months

[P.S - you are in for big post here! But do read please] So, the language learning community is buzzing, especially the Chinese one, with »

Chinese Ligatures

After browsing the Chinese New Year wikipedia page  (I was looking about for some greetings) I was instantly struck by the odd character close to bottom. »

Tonally Orthographic Pinyin

I found out this really cool way to write Pinyin while browsing the Chinese Stack Exchange (ps. which you guys must join!). It's called Tonally Orthographic »

Chinese Rage Comics

If you spend as much time on the Internet as I do, you might have come across Rage Comics. It started on 4chan, became hugely popular »