Phonetic Sets in Chinese Characters

You might have noticed that a few weeks ago I added a feature to HanziCraft that automatically tries to find pronunciation clues in each character. Using »

Is immersion the answer to all language learning problems?

I've been in Taiwan now for just over 2.5 months. So how is it being immersed/living in a country where Mandarin is spoken? Often, »

Year of the Snake!

Happy Year of the Snake everyone. It's my year (born 1989), so hopefully it wil be a great one (please don't bite)! Here's an update on »

Introducing HanziCraft

Today, I introduce HanziCraft. It's a project that I've been working on for some time now. It started with my thesis, where I needed to easily »

Chinese Character Challenge - Level up!

So Olle of Hacking Chinese decided to drop a bombshell on the first of January, his Chinese character challenge. What makes this different from other challenges »