Gangnam Style hits Beijing with hilarious Laowai Style [Video]

I've been waiting for a proper Chinese cover or rendition of Gangnam style for a while now. Thanks to the cool reddit community, r/China, I've »

Update on trip to China

As you know I'll be in China from 22 June till 11 July. Three weeks of China goodness. I arrive in Shanghai on the 22nd of »

My Future in Mandarin

I'm finishing my University degree at the end of this year. It will probably conclude my formal Mandarin studies. I first wanted to go the China »

My Trip to Beijing June '09

I was fortunate to be one lucky few who went to Renmin Daxue International Summer School in June/July 2009. We went as a group of »

LiWei Art

I found really an awesome Chinese photographer, 李帏  (Lǐ Wéi). He has some really amazing art. He has a very interesting take on photo manipulation. Great »