Omnipotent Youth Society - 万能年青旅店

I found this band a few months ago. They are from 河北 and make hauntingly beautiful Chinese folk rock. Not only do they incorporate the usual »

Super Junior M - 太完美

I'm a sucker for Chinese pop songs. Super Junior M, although being a side project of the massively huge Korean group Super Junior, are up my »

Tonal Languages and Perfect Pitch

I discovered an old Radiolab podcast the other day on music and its relation to language and the brain. Three topics were covered: one was how »

Cui Jian's Greenhouse Girl (花房姑娘)

Last year, I took part in the Chinese Bridge competition, which is a Chinese Proficiency competition for foreigners. My Chinese was a bit bad back then, »

Interview with La Loupe

These two laowai, fronted by Maia and Jordan, have quickly risen in my chart of the best tunes I have heard in a while, never mind »