Two cool new projects on the block

Hi all, 好久不見!Yeah, it's a been a while hasn't it? Chinese is still on the down-low for me. I'm lucky enough to still get a »

Comprehensive Onomatopoeia List

Today on Confused Laowai, I’m featuring a post by Christina from FluentU. In case you are unfamiliar with them, they’re a language learning company »

Call me Maybe in Chinese

The best guilty pleasure song in a long time. This time you can sing along in Chinese too! The lyrics written by Dawen and the help »

Duolingo Launches

Ever since I heard about Duolingo, I was hooked. Their catchphrase is "Learn a language for free, and simultaneously translate the Web". Nifty I »

Onomatopoeia in Chinese

Onomatopoeia, that darn impossible word to write. I always get it wrong! (I had to check this post a few times) Alas, enough about English's terrible »