Defining the Sinosphere

I stumbled across this interesting wikipedia link the other day: The Sinosphere. It's an article on a collective of countries (area?) that forms the sinosphere. Sino »

Chinese Superman Comics

Dave, from Chinese Hacks, posted a link to these awesome comics on Social Mandarin: Chinese Superman Comics. It's the world's beloved hero and saviour Superman himself. »

Chinese-Ordered English

I found an interesting Wikipedia article today about Chinese-Ordered English. While, I'm sure many Chinese learners have come across this phenomenon some way or the other, »

Is Chinese a good choice for your first foreign language?

Now that I've come to the end of my formal Mandarin studies, I am starting to reflect on Chinese. I am now thinking of starting another »

Holiday Time

[Note: I'm going to try and mix my Mandarin and English a bit more. Ultimately I want to start blogging in Chinese. So, expect some random »