Soccer World Cup South Africa

My country is hosting the 2010 Fifa World Cup and it's happening pretty soon. Kickoff is June 11. So, I decided to create a blog post »

Google Chrome Translator Plugin - Zhongwen

I have found it! After seeing this post on Social Mandarin about a plugin for Firefox, I was on the hunt for a similar plugin for »

5 Mistakes I made when I started learning Chinese

I've been studying Mandarin at University for about two years and 3 months. The mistakes I made, might not be mine particularly, but perhaps the way »

Watch Chinese TV Online

I found this amazing site. PPTV It has Chinese TV programs available to stream online. It has movies, series (even some of your favourite English ones »

Getting creative with 汉字

I'm following this rad dude on Twitter, @puerhan and he just posted this really creative card design for the festive season. He uses the character 木 »