Now with more Social Media & Beer

I have created a Facebook page.¬†Join me there too. I'll be posting lots of other links (not just my blog!) to interesting China stories and »

The most spontaneous Chinese I've spoken was to a Laowai

I don't know how to feel about it. Yesterday, I met friend of my older brother who has been staying in Taiwan for 9 years. He »

Interview with La Loupe

These two laowai, fronted by Maia and Jordan, have quickly risen in my chart of the best tunes I have heard in a while, never mind »

On Being A Laowai

I've recently received some harsh comments on my blog from an anonymous person. I've decided not to publish them in the comments, because it is not »

Laowai Speaking Chinese on Youtube

I've stumbled on these videos on Youtube of Laowai showing their speaking skills. Some need some practice, but they all are admirable in what they do. »