9 Essential Digital Tools for Chinese Learners

Back when I was undergraduate student, I was still clueless to all the amazing products available to help complement my Chinese studies. I experienced this again, »

Review of Yoyo Chinese

UPDATE Sept 2014: At the time this review was written (two years ago), Yoyo Chinese was still starting out. One of the early gripes were a »

Introducing 3000Hanzi

I'm just loving how more and more awesome sites are popping up in the digital Chinese learning space lately. 3000Hanzi is the next resource that's helping »

Social Mandarin Redesign is live

I've been using a slightly modified stock drupal/drigg theme that came with the site when I started Social Mandarin a year and a half ago. »

If you want an SRS program, Skritter is the way to go

I knew about Skritter for some time now, but never really got around to actually checking it out. After Sara's recommendation I couldn't resist anymore and »