Mandarin Madness Review - A Chinese Vocabulary Learning App

The Chinese language learning technology space in my opinion is still under utilized. There are so much more avenues to explore in terms of aiding informal »

Introducing Leiden Weibo Corpus

My inner linguistic nerd is going crazy right now. This post released today from a member of Sinoglot, Daan, reveals that he has created a large »

Giving ChinesePod the deserved listen

Some kinds of media just don't gel with certain language learners. Back in 2010, when I was still studying Chinese in undergrad classes, I gave ChinesePod »

Introducing Chinese Basics

For the past three weeks I've been hard at work completing my final assignment for the academic year. After this, I start working on my research »

Chinese-Ordered English

I found an interesting Wikipedia article today about Chinese-Ordered English. While, I'm sure many Chinese learners have come across this phenomenon some way or the other, »