Is immersion the answer to all language learning problems?

I've been in Taiwan now for just over 2.5 months. So how is it being immersed/living in a country where Mandarin is spoken? Often, »

The misty haze of Chinese dialects

Some linguists spend their lifetime on the topic of dialects and language classifications. Then we get the Chinese dialect continuum. Ooh boy. Time and time again »

2010: A Year in Review

So 2010 is almost over. I'd like to reflect this past year on my Mandarin. I graduated this year with a Mandarin (+ General Linguistics) degree cum »

You know you're progressing in Mandarin when...

Maybe this is just me, but I've noticed my Mandarin progress take form in some strange ways... You answer you friends with short Mandarin sentences such »

Google Chrome Translator Plugin - Zhongwen

I have found it! After seeing this post on Social Mandarin about a plugin for Firefox, I was on the hunt for a similar plugin for »