9 Essential Digital Tools for Chinese Learners

Back when I was undergraduate student, I was still clueless to all the amazing products available to help complement my Chinese studies. I experienced this again, »

Skritter for iPhone launches

The Chinese language learning community is abuzz with the launch of Skritter's mobile iPhone version. It launched earlier today on the app store. I've been a »

Doing SRS the fun way

Ok, so after my post detailing my failures in using SRS, I've got some excellent feedback! Makes me just realize how great the online Mandarin learning »

Revisiting SRS and Flashcards

I've always found SRS systems (like Anki and Skritter) and flashcards an interesting addition to language learning. Many people seem use to it to great success, »

If you want an SRS program, Skritter is the way to go

I knew about Skritter for some time now, but never really got around to actually checking it out. After Sara's recommendation I couldn't resist anymore and »