Big Update to Social Mandarin

I've been thinking lately about where Social Mandarin should grow too. It's current incarnation is good, but it needs more. After being featured on Penn-Olson, the »

Social Mandarin Redesign is live

I've been using a slightly modified stock drupal/drigg theme that came with the site when I started Social MandarinĀ a year and a half ago. »

Social Mandarin Newsletter

Just quick update on Social Mandarin. I've finally created a newsletter for Social Mandarin. It will feature the excellent links from the site and some more »

Quick Social Mandarin Update

Social Mandarin has been growing steadily over the past few months. This is one my first big web projects and it is an interesting experiment. First »

Social Mandarin Widget

I have finally tinkered around on Social Mandarin and managed to create a widget that shows the top 8 new links on the site. Ready to »