Awesome Links for Chinese Learners

This page has awesome links for Chinese learners. From blogs, to resources, to online communities. Go forth and explore!

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Digital Tools:

Skritter - Learn to write Chinese characters. Definitely the best digital tool out there for this. HanziCraft - A Chinese Character Decomposition Tool + awesome character dictionary. Fluent Flix - A new service that allows you to learn Chinese through authentic online video content. Makes great use of subtitles with a smooth interface.

Online Courses and Learning Services

Yoyo Chinese - Learn Chinese with Yangyang through well-explained video lessons ChinesePod - The best Chinese learning podcasts out there. Lots of content and great hosts.

Chinese Learning and Learner Blogs:

Chinese Hacks - Authentic Chinese materials and lessons from life in Taiwan. Sara Jaaksola - Sara lives and studies in Guangzhou Chinese With Mike - The coolest Chinese teacher out there. Totally rad! Laowai Chinese - Albert also makes original Chinese music. Mandarin Segments - Heisig and Flashcard master Mandarin Student - Chris also learns Thai. Sinosplice - The John Pasden. Enough said. Host at ChinesePod. My Chinese Notebook - Easy understandable posts. iLearn Mandarin - Jacob lives in Taipei and blogs at Skritter Peckish Laowai - A Heisig enthusiast and determined learner. Translation in Chinese - Short blog posts on popular phrases in Chinese Hacking Chinese - Hacking Chinese one blog post at a time. M and MX - The original bilingual Chinese comic master. Carl Gene - Melbourne resident with an amazing knowledge of Chinese. East Asia Student - Hugh is an East Asian Studies pro. Fluent Flix - The blog of startup Fluent Flix Lingomi Blog - The blog of startup Lingomi Chinese Breeze - Great blog by avid and determined Chinese learner Daniel.

General China and Expat Blogs:

Borrowed Culture - Expat living in China, documenting it with great photos. Look out, Knock Head! - Mike lives in Beijing and is a cool dude. Writer. Traveler. Drinker - Becky is an awesome English teacher in China. Kevin McGreary's Sina Blog - Kevin writes lyrics and blog posts in Chinese Bill (比尔) - A cool photo blog Tom's China Blog - English teacher in Xiamen Let China sleep, for when the dragon awakes, she'll shake the world - English teacher in Lanzhou

Online Chinese Learning Communities and Networks:

Social Mandarin - A social bookmarking website for online resources in learning Chinese China Bloggers - China Blogger Network Study More Chinese - A Social network for Chinese learners. Great community.

General Sites and Resources

Chinese Basics - A website with basic information on the Chinese language. Chinese Culture - Travel in China