Since I started studying Mandarin in 2008, one of my first things I did was try and find some extra resources online. I also wanted to connect with other people going through the same process I was. I’ve somewhat achieved that. I’m following great people on Twitter and managed to find some great blogs in two years. However, I felt that there is a gap in social interaction between these people, to share these resources and getting to know each other.

That’s why I have created a new website: Social Mandarin. It aims to be a social online Mandarin resource hub. This, in essence is to create an environment for new learners and old ones, to find the greatest sources on the web. It is currently in a testing phase. So, I’m urging readers to join the site, post some articles, comment, vote and have fun, and in doing so help me test the site. The service is as a much a need for me gain new resources, but also to provide those resources to others. So, please if you find any errors or bugs on the site, tell me so I can fix it and create a cohesive social Mandarin community.

So head on over to Social Mandarin. Thanks in advance to everyone that supports the site. Follow the Twitter and become a fan on Facebook.