I’ve recently found myself in a new predicament. My Mandarin classes have stopped since early May due to exams. So, for the most of the time, I studied for other subjects and so, but I never spent time on Mandarin each day like I normally do during the semester. Yes, I read blogs and check out Social Mandarin every day, but I’ve fallen into the learning trap. I find all these great resources, but I never take the time to actually work with them. I think I’m doing something productive, finding resources and sharing them, but I’m just glancing them over, not taking them in.

I would like to ask, how do you guys get the motivation to study, if you’re not a University student? I’ve recently made a conscious efforts to read Chinese blogposts/sites completely through, even if it takes some concentration I don’t normally give outside of class.

Do you have a Chinese learning routine? Is there a conscious effort each day, or do you just let the mood take you? I’m finishing with Mandarin next semester, so I’m trying to figure out logical steps from there. For now, I’m sad and glad, that our teacher gave us a mountain of Chinese homework to give in on the first Friday coming back from holiday.