I’ve been on a mission lately to find some Chinese tunes to listen to. There of course are plentiful, but I actually want to find some bands or artists I can relate to. Also, the tunes must me interesting in themselves. I’m not a big of fan of pop tunes, so I usually look for interesting bands. However, I recently found a more satisfying group of Chinese Music, those made by Laowai just like myself. These are favourite three I’ve found so far.

1) La Loupe

I literally found this duo yesterday and I already love it. Two graduates enjoying their time in Beijing. They play soothing folk. I love the harmony of their voices. Their lyrics are also easy to follow. I wouldn’t mind being in their shoes. Sounds like so much fun. Check them out on Myspace.

Recommend Tune: Mang Ren

2) Albert Wolfe

Albert from LaoWai Chinese has been writing some tunes himself. Yes, the songs might a little poppy/mainstream or whatever it is, but his lyrics are also easy to follow and really catchy at that! His arrangements with pianos, guitars and the lot, adds depth to the well-crafted songs. I wouldn't be suprised if you hear these tunes on the radio (in China that is), it's just that good. He also gives the lyrics and chords so you can also learn it yourself! Check out the tunes right here

Recommend Tune: 我不是东西

3) 筋斗云


A group from Taiwan, with contains 3 Laowai. The song above is probably one the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, nevermind Chinese. The male lead singer also originally comes from South Africa (my home country) and was friends with my older brother back in primary school. This is a great inspiration for me to start writing my own tunes in Chinese as well. Wow. I just can’t get over that tune. The rest of the band’s tunes are more towards a rock/hip-hop vibe, but which are just as great.

Recommend Tune: the video above - 极光 (寂光)

Do you write Chinese tunes? Or do you know of any other Laowai doing the same? Recommend them please!