My teacher gave us some HSK resources yesterday. Apparently there is a test taking place in October here in South Africa. Last year I took a mock HSK exam for level 1 and 2. Passed one easily, but with two I failed on the listening. The reading was easy. Did a quick test exam for level two again yesterday only for reading part. It was rather easy.

I got books for level 1, 2 and 3 now here with me. Going to start working through them. I want to go for level 3. I predict it might just be easier than I expect. My problem will be the listening. Will just have to watch a lot more Chinese series. Have any you guys written HSK tests before? How was it? And what level did you write?

Is HSK valuable in the end though? I reckon it is only for job applications and university entrance tests. Like how many people will ask me for my HSK level? Even so, I don’t mind, this is a nice challenge and goal apart from my University work.

In other good news. I got 90% for a recent Mandarin test! Hooray!