I recently found this interesting blog post on Ajatt. A new kind of way of learning languages. It is not the quantity of time spent learning it, but rather the frequency that counts.

This has piqued my interest quite a lot. I now officially done with my formal Mandarin studies (waiting for the marks to come out) and looking for ways to continue my Mandarin studies. I have become a lot more confident in my abilities lately, however not I don’t want this to slide away. My main motivation came from getting good marks, but now I have to find a method to maintain and improve my Chinese. I am going to find speaking classes next year, but in my spare time I’m searching for other things and methods.

Ajatt’s post on Critical Frequency seems like an interesting experiment. It makes kind of sense. Instead of spending one-two hours a day on Chinese, rather space that out and learn 2-5min every hour. Read the post and it’ll explain it better.. This takes a bit of dedication, but works for me, as I lose concentration really easy. It also keeps your mind on active in Chinese (or whatever language you are learning), rather than turning it on for one hour a day and switching off the rest.

I’m currently reading a book I found on readnovel. It seems like a really cheesy novel, but hey, at least it’s not some overblown dramatic thing. I mean c’mon 超级帅哥, doesn’t sound awesome?

As an aside, how much time a day do you spend learning Chinese?