Social Mandarin has been growing steadily over the past few months. This is one my first big web projects and it is an interesting experiment. First I had opened up the blogging section to people who want to post blogs there, but unfortunately it has not been too quick on the uptake. It also clashed withe main purpose of the site, for people to share resources and links. This has led to a bit of an overlap. Since the bloggers, who are posting things about Chinese, were doing it on their own blogs and then posting the links on Social Mandarin.

However, I still feel that Social Mandarin can create original and interesting content that can be shared with other Chinese learners. Thus, I will definitely be using the blogging feature in the future, more as a formal way communication, perhaps getting unique guest blog posts. Or even interviews.

Also, one of the biggest reasons why I had to stop the blogging section, is that it was very prone to spamming. Somehow the spammers got through. The blog posts won’t disappear, but future posts won’t be able to be made. Maybe in the future I will re-open it. However, check out the final blog post, by user billyeveryteen on why 二百五 (èr bǎi wǔ) means idiot to send off the blog feature.