I’ve been tweeting about for this (follow me: @confusedlaowai): I’m planning a trip to China this year in June/July. Unfortunately, I can’t keep you up-to-date on all the details as they develop, but I’ll do some sporadic updates on how it is going.

So here is the brief. Since going to Beijing in the Summer of 2009 on an International Summer School, I’ve always wanted to return. This year my girlfriend, who is now a second year in the same course I did, now also has the opportunity to go study in China for four weeks. They are however going to Xiamen this time. They teamed up with our Uni’s Confucius Institute. The exact dates of their departure and return is still unknown, however they are going away for four weeks between 10 June - 10 July. They get sponsored for most of their fees.

For me, I don’t have that much money, but I really want go back to China along with trying to see my girlfriend - four weeks is too much time away for me. :)

I’m thus aiming to go for three weeks to China. A week and half I’m spending with girlfriend exploring Xiamen, then the rest of the time I’m gonna do a quick tour of some cities I want to see in China for another week and half. These are all ball park estimates.

My planned dates are around: 21 June - 10 July.

Preliminary Itinerary

This will most likely change, but here is my plan thus far.

Enter the country via Hong Kong. Then head to Xiamen on a train ride. Spend about 9 nights in Xiamen.

From there I’m free, but want to end up in Shanghai to fly back to Cape Town from there. Once again all these are up for change. My budget is a bit limited though so can’t travel around too much.

So, I want some ideas of places that I should see. Or maybe even visit some of you who read this blog! This is why I’m posting this now, maybe I can get some great ideas and tips. I want to see Guilin, but the other cities are up for choice and convenience really.

Do you have tips for me? Maybe even some experiences of travelling in China? Leave a comment.