If you follow me on Twitter, you would have seen I’m interested in Bitcoins recently. So, this isn’t exactly a language post, but I’ll give some info for those interested in Bitcoins in China and Chinese followers.

Firstly, for those that don’t know, Bitcoin is the new peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that has been receiving some interest lately. Here is video that explains the concept:


Get it yet? If not checkout Bitcoin.org. This is basically an awesome way to send and receive money without interference. The worth of bitcoins are steadily increasing. At the time of writing this, 1 Bitcoin is about $9.5.

Bitcoin translated in Chinese is: 比特币 (Bǐtè bì). There are two nice Chinese sites online at present explaining the concept in Chinese: Bitecoin.com and Bitebi.org. There is also Chinese forum section on the official Bitcoin forums.

Currently, I’m not aware of a trading site that allows easy trading to 人民币. I’m doing my trading on Bitcoinmarket.com for dollars.

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If you have any questions, leave a comment!