You might have heard of these guys. The video did the rounds 1-2months ago and was also aired on CCTV. When I first heard it. I couldn’t stop listening. Not only is it sung by laowai, but the song is incredibly catchy. The song has been on repeat in my car. Even my non-Chinese learning friends are voicing along the sounds. I knew about 80% of the lyrics. So I recently went back to the song online and found the lyrics and just took out some interesting words that I did not know. But before we commence. Here is the awesome video.


Awesome right? So here are some interesting words from the lyrics.

举起 - Jǔ qǐ

It means to raise or to lift. It occurs in the lyric: 大家举起手来,which means, everybody put your hands in the air. Think of rappers at the concert shouting, “Put your hands up in the air”.

准 - Zhǔn

This means, to grant/allow. I have seen this before in 准备, which means to prepare/get ready, but haven’t seen it on its own before. It occurs in the lyric: 准让你们大饱耳福 - which Feichang Fresh translates as giving/granting you all an eargasm.

伴奏 - Bànzòu

This was an interesting one. It means to accompany (musically). So you accompany someone doing a recital with a guitar etc etc, but the way that this is used in the song and the way Feichang Fresh translates it is like this: 放伴奏 - Drop the Beat. 放 means to release/set free, so this makes sense. You release the accompanying music.

黎明 - Límíng

This means daybreak/dawn and occurs in the first line of the chorus: 每到黎明听着你的声音来把我叫醒.

叫醒 - Jiào xǐng

Also a cool word, that means to rouse or to awaken. I like it because it is formed with 叫 and 醒,the former meaning to call/shout and the latter to awaken. It also occurs in the first line of the chorus: 每到黎明听着你的声音来把我叫醒 - which here means: to be awaken while listening to the sounds of Beijing’s break of dawn.

灵魂 - Línghún

This means soul/spirit and occurs in the lyric: 北京的灵魂氛围难以用语言来表达. Combined with the next word it makes more sense.

氛围 - Fēnwéi

This means ambience/atmosphere. Connected with 灵魂 it creates an encompassing soul and ambience of a place. In this case Beijing. The lyrics above means: It is hard to describe Beijing’s soul and atmosphere using words.

了不起 - Liǎobùqǐ

These words seem to be a dime a dozen in any language. The English equivalent would be awesome. Others include: 酷,牛逼,厉害。

舍不得 - Shěbude

This means, hard to do something. It is used in the lyric: 我真是舍不得离开. It talks about it being hard to leave Beijing.

环 - Huán

This word is used to describe rings usually, but here it means the district rings of the city. 1 being the city center and 6 being the outer skirts of the city. They use it in the line: 一二三环不管什么地方,which is a call to the people in ring 1-3, regardless of what place.

Did you find the song great? The Beijing accent is also very strong, which makes some lines almost jokingly not understandable. I quite like the Beijing accent though.