Apart from learning Chinese, I’m a bit of a geek. I like to play games, browse the web all day and watch sci-fi movies. However, another thing that I like online, is starting creative projects. Sometimes with entrepreneurial aspirations. I like to play around on the web. I buy domain names like I’m collecting stamps and start blogs all over the place. The Chinese would call me a 网虫 (Internet addict).

Maybe you noticed a new site Translation in Chinese appearing in the blogroll. I bought the domain early this year with the intention of trying to see how I can build some SEO and organic growth. I post short posts of interesting useful translations. Not very often though. But when I have the time I do it.

It is not a site that looks good, I admit, but that’s my geeky experiment: to build it with lots of SEO and see what happens. However, in addition to that I can squeeze some Chinese practice out of it too. I love trying to make the translation a bit interesting.

For now, if you are interested, you can subscribe to the RSS feed and receive some interesting Chinese posts. Otherwise I’m just playing around with SEO, something that I haven’t really done before.