A new app for iPhone and Android has been released on 8 September created by Tencent Labs. Some of you might recognize these kinds of applications, in for instance Wordlens and Pleco’s App. Although Pleco has released an experimental version (which I haven’t tested yet, but will do soon), Tencent’s 慧眼 is ready and free for any iPhone and Android member right now! It has various translate options: French, German, English -> Chinese and then Chinese -> English.

I gave it a quick test run. It works good so far. Really impressed. It won’t replace my Hanping Dictionary App of course. This is totally a different app.  This is the first public release. It has some focusing problems, but keen to see it grow. It’s free and readily available. Now to go test Pleco’s version to compare. I must admit, I doubt Pleco will make this corny video to promote it:


(via Techrice)