I seemed to have missed the birthday post for last year. So without further ado, happy two years for me and this blog. 生日快乐 and all that jazz. Since the blog has started in December 2009, 88 posts have been published. Hooray. Not that much, but I prefer quality over quantity. :)

This blog has become a turning point in my dedication to learning Chinese. It’s amazing to have a community that helps you figure out the language and sharing it with them. Not only that, but I enjoy being able to share my troubles. Writing about something, like the 喝 post actually made me figure out what was happening. It was like a “real-time” detective post. While I was writing the post I was doing research on it. Same with the recent 青 troubles.

Everyday that people talk about and link my blog, I’m humbled that people enjoy my posts. I get new readers everyday (hi to the new readers!) and this makes writing about the language and sharing my learning experience so much more rewarding. When I got “noticed” on reddit when I was planning my China trip this year it felt almost surreal. People were saying that I’m a big help to them. I was flabbergasted. I knew I wanted to help people, but it never occurred to me that it could actually be done.

Thanks for the support! Next year I’m hitting the heavy stage of my thesis and I’ll share a lot more when I get my research proposal finalized. Let’s just say, I might change things up a bit in SRS research. Furthermore, I’m hitting China in 2013 to go work there for a year or two (or more!?). So there’s lots more to come.