Year of the Snake!

By Confused Laowai | Date: February 10th, 2013 | Category: Taiwan

Year of the Snake

Happy Year of the Snake everyone. It’s my year (born 1989), so hopefully it wil be a great one (please don’t bite)! Here’s an update on my life in Taipei.

Quick Update

I got a job teaching English (finally!) and everything is going smoothly, except for a bit of a cashflow problem at the moment. The final stage of my visa admin is almost done. My girlfriend and I are spending the Chinese New Year holiday relaxing and checking out some sights around Taipei. Can’t afford to go travelling too much right now.

My character learning has been slow. My schedule at work has been throwing me around, but I know that’s no excuse. I’m lazy. I know it. However, I can feel my listening improving a lot. Immersion isn’t necessarily the solution to all language learning problems (a future blog post for that!), but it sure as hell has made my listening practice easier. I eavesdrop… a lot!

Furthermore, I’m working on a project with Jake & Olle, as I’ve mentioned before, that’s taking quite a lot of my time. I’m also working on new features for HanziCraft. So I’m busy busy, but I’m going to make time for more Chinese very soon.

That’s all for now.

Have an awesome year! 新年快樂!

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  • Let China Sleep

    I’m a big fan of immersion, but at least with me, it’s gotta be a little controlled…..a couple of hours or an afternoon at a time – at least with a new language environment. I’ve been traveling in Chongqing, and the dialect here is way different from the dialect in Lanzhou (almost exactly the same as Mandarin)!! When I had a little control over what I did and how much time I was exposed to it, then I learned a lot faster, and it was way more fun. But total immersion in a foreign environment is really tough. After a while, your brain just gives up and shuts down….you know what I mean? Especially with listening!

    I heard that everyone in Taiwan speaks Cantonese — doesn’t that complicate your life a bit? Does everyone speak standard 普通话 and 粤语? If so, that’s impressive! Guangdong people don’t even do that, and we all know how stuck up they are about their language skills! hahaha

  • My Kafkaesque Life

    Noone speaks Cantonese in Taiwan. 99% of people speak Mandarin with a softer accent (it’s called 國語) and the majority speaks and understands Taiwanese, a variation of Fujianese Minnan (called 臺語). Younger educated people speak less Taiwanese, though. There’s also a significant minority of people, who speak Hakka (called 客家話) and a tiny minority who speak various indigenous Austronesian languages. However Mandarin is spoken almost everywhere and is preferred in Northern Taiwan (Taipei, Taichung), while Taiwanese is preferred in Southern Taiwan (Tainan, Kaohsiung). This is a basic introduction in Taiwan’s language landscape.

  • Let China Sleep

    Great, thanks for letting me know – that was pretty helpful! Pardon my ignorance! haha I don’t know much about Taiwan/HK/Macao, etc. Anything off the mainland, I’m pretty much useless as far as knowing what’s up…..

  • My Kafkaesque Life

    No problem :) I’m glad I could help :)