I use a Nokia E51 which uses the S60 operating system. I’ve been looking all over the web for great dictionary tools so I can carry a pocket sized one with me. I often see something and wonder how does one say this in Chinese? I could write it down, but I wan’t to know it at that moment. I thus wanted a simple application for my phone. After quite some searching I found this, “Dictionary for MIDs English-Chinese”

If the link is giving you problems, just follow these instructions:

1) Got the m.getjar.com 2) Go to the bottom page and go to “Quick Download” 3) Enter the code 11249

Plus points:

  • Fits on your phone, that's not a iPhone.
  • Gives pinyin, traditional and simplified 汉字.
  • Thorough dictionary.
  • Free!

Negative points:

  • A little slow.
  • Fonts a bit small.
  • Settings a little weird.
  • Chinese to English translation is a bit more difficult, as you need to know pinyin correctly as well.

As a free application I would recommend it. It’s still not great, it could use some improvement, but for now it works really great! It’s also open-source! What do you think of this app? Do you have any other applications to recommend?

P.S. - If your phone can’t display characters naturally, choose Bitmap font in the settings.