I found this amazing site. PPTV

It has Chinese TV programs available to stream online. It has movies, series (even some of your favourite English ones in Chinese), cartoons, sports and to my surprise even a gaming section! There is a huge variety. Being, a gaming nut, I first watched some Warcraft matches, then watched the first part of District 9 (第九区). And there’s so much more. Unfortunately the quality is not perfect, but it’s such a great resource. If only I had more bandwidth to stream more movies. I would probably start on the cartoons though. Would be easier to understand. So what are you going to watch?

Oh, and to top it off, you can even stream live TV. Click on a channel and see the program listing on the right. Unfortunately you only stream live TV with Internet Explorer. Just install the plugin first. Or that’s what they say, but I’ve to get things completely set up. If you get it right, let me know!