Steven, from Lingomi, posted a link on Social Mandarin, showcasing his idea of assesing one’s levels in Chinese. I quite like the idea, being a gamer and RPG fan. There should be better and more in-depth assessment categories. This can be both encouraging and discouraging if you try to fit yourself into the framework. I decided to give it a go. These are guesses mostly on my part. But a fun exercise nonetheless.

Character (Writing) - By hand: Level 3 (250 Characters) -  By PC: Level 5 (1000).

Character (Reading) - Level 7 (2000 Characters). I’d say I’m very close to Level 8.

Chinese Vocabulary - Level 5 (1500). The gap between 5-6 is quite big, but I went for a conservative estimate. [I tested myself on a site that estimates one’s vocabulary and I was completely off. My estimate is 4135! Thus I’ve leveled up to 6. Try the test yourself.]

Chinese Grammar - Level 6 (Newspaper 2). Although my vocabulary is still lacking, I’ve got quite a good grasp of Chinese grammar.

Spoken Chinese - Level 6. Once again, I can string sentences easily together, but my downfall is a solid vocabulary and sometimes those complex sentences.

Chinese Listening - Level 5? Steven points out the difficulty with the listening levels. I think there are ways to track it. For instance, you can only listen to slow speech, or unaccented clear pronunciation moving towards native like speed and accents. I would put myself into where I can understand quite a few sentences if spoken slowly, but native-like speed and functional elements I still struggle with. Furthermore, when watching a TV series I still rely a lot on the subtitles to get the full meaning.

Where would you put yourself? Head on over to the post and score yourself.