I must admit, I secretly hope for Chinese to appear in movies so I can impress my friends and smile big time, ‘cause I actually understood what is being said. But not only that, but it is interesting to see how actors cope with speaking Chinese. In most cases they do a terrible job. The most recent fail I saw was of Bradley Cooper in Limitless:

Gosh that sounded terrible. Even after analysing what he is saying (lots of food names!) they got the word wrong for napkin. They used 围巾 which means scarf. They should have used 餐巾.

But alas, after seeing that clip in the movies, I got reminded of it today by a video that was posted by Live the Language. It features 10 moments of Chinese in Hollywood. Most of them bad. The video is done in a very entertaining way though! So without further ado, here is Hollywood’s Guide to Speaking Chinese:

So what do you think? Who was the worst? And who coped with it quite well?