[Note: I’m going to try and mix my Mandarin and English a bit more. Ultimately I want to start blogging in Chinese. So, expect some random sentences and words mixed in between posts from now on. If I make errors please correct me!]

So, I’m currently on my University holiday. 最近我和我的兄弟去了伊维萨 (Ibiza),这个地方有很多的夜总会,虽然太贵了,但是很好玩儿。Also, visited my older brother in London. However, I’m back in my hometown (家乡), and still have 3 weeks left before University starts again. Now what do I do with my Mandarin? As I posted earlier about my learning trap, I’ve not yet gotten into the habit of learning Chinese outside of University. However, I’ve got three massive readings to summarize for the first week back at class. So, I’ll just have to start working. I like what Greg said in my previous post, is that one should just knuckle down. I’m still skipping some purely Chinese blog posts, just ‘cause I’m too lazy, thinking I’ll come back to them later. Screw that. I’ll have to work through them to learn. For now, first I have to do my Mandarin 作业. Oh yeah, I got 78% for my first semester in 3rd year. So happy! Going to push it more!