Yesterday I finally booked my tickets to China.

I’ll be going to China from 21 June till 12 July. Three weeks. My plans have changed a bit since my previous post. Instead of entering the country from Hong Kong, I’ll be going in and out of China via Shanghai. This choice was made because of financial issues and some logical ones.

When I land in Shanghai on 22 June, I’m taking a domestic flight (lots cheaper than flying from Hong Kong, because Hong Kong is seen as International) to Xiamen to spend time with my girlfriend and their mates while they study there for a summer school. There I’ll spend a week or so, dates still pending. Then going back to Shanghai to explore the area. I might go to Beijing for a weekend to visit friends, or even pop out to other cities for day trips close by.

However, the plans inside the country are very flexible and going to use it that way. I found a super budget airline, Spring Airlines that makes flying cheap and quick. Yeah, I reckon they’d have some problems now and then, but it sounds pretty nifty. I might even pop through to Guilin like previously planned, but that depends on my budget! :/

I’m really amped and will keep you updated on my itinerary. Now to get my Visa sorted!